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Manage the Speed Bumps


Your Best Job


How to Get It Using a Job Search



Job Search – Read your tips and tweaks here


Make your next job search the best job search. Read tips and tweaks to consider and make your job search better than your competition.  Read Coastline Job Talk Blogs for helpful information to use to make you a stand-out.  Avoid the mistakes job seekers make and find out how Recruiters can help get you the job position you want.

Getting your best job takes both initiative and technique.   The right Employer for you provides greater career opportunity, growth and a financially stable future. Read blogs about keeping your job search a secret, Ten tweaks for your Resume,

Why Who are you  counts, and why Throwing Mud At the Wall doesn’t help you get ahead.

Get tips like Six Seconds To Face plus tweaks and hacks to help you get the best job you can. As experienced Insurance Recruiters we listen to employers telling us what skills and personalities they want to hire. I can tell you the top five things employers look for. Things that move you from a job seeker to a full-time employee in your best job.



Your Best Job – Keep it


Office Culture – What’s the Big Deal About Office Culture?


It is time to accept Office Culture as important as great work skills and qualifications. You see office culture mentioned in job ads. It is the ability to get along with others. Able to work well within a team. Also called great relationship building skills. See New Job? Nine Tips to Success  to get the best start.

Poor people skills and under developed communication skills get you a short tenure at many companies. The ability to thrive in an office culture is even more important than how good you are at your job. Our blog has posts that can help you negotiate those hard situations. Discover how to handle losing your temper at work,


Your Best Job – Manage it


Speed Bumps and Potholes


Handle it like a Professional when you hit those speed bumps and potholes in your work life. They make you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place. We have all had them. How well you survive depends on your attitude. 

How well will you handle getting fired? Think you should get walked out of a job or not? Would you leave a job because of an annoying team-mate?

Read about these tips here in the Handle it Like a Professional blog

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