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Think you know Recruiters?

What’s the Deal with Recruiters?   Think you know everything about Recruiters? Some Job Seekers love us and some hate us. Are we the same? Just like every Industry, we come with levels of skills and experience. Some of us are Personnel Consultants with years of experience in job placement. Some Recruiters have well established… Read More >>

Why Use a Recruiter?

Why Use a Recruiter?     What’s In It For You?   Why use a Recruiter and what does a Recruiter offer – that you can’t do for yourself? Looking for an Insurance job in Metro Vancouver? There is a lot about job search you can and should do yourself…but if you want to fast track your… Read More >>

Recruiters Are Scum!

Do You Think Recruiters are Scum?     We get no respect!   Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars!   Who says so? Google says so!   Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried it… Read More >>