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Ten Resume Words We Love

 Words We Love To Use On Our Resume We love ten resume words the most.  I write a few resumes plus read and edit many more. Do I use these words? Yes, Guilty. Why use them? Employers know and use them, they are “buzz words”, and we use them because they convey meaning out there in… Read More >>

Mud at The Wall Job Search

Mud At The Wall Job Search       Are you throwing mud at the wall in your job search? That makes me say – “you did – what?”, when I answered your call. You told me  you have great Insurance skills and you’re looking for an Insurance Job in Vancouver. You ask me what I can… Read More >>

Get Noticed – Tweak Tips

 Want to get noticed?  Change your resume with these tweaks Employers want to know who you really are I know you want to get noticed in a job interview.  You groan when I suggest a resume change.  Doing your resume the first time was hard. Now you want to get on with getting a job.  I… Read More >>

Fresh Interviews

Fresh Interviews I love fresh. Fresh air, fresh food, fresh sheets and most of all – fresh ideas and fresh new tech. Canned anything isn’t great – but the worst are canned Interview answers. What are canned interview answers? Read on.. Canned Interview Answers are Boring How Boring Are Your Interview Skills?   Canned Questions and Canned… Read More >>

Six Seconds to Fame

Six Seconds to Fame Your resume gets six seconds to fame. Employers and Recruiters have a pattern for accepting or eliminating resumes from the “best” pile. We tell you we spend at least five minutes on a new resume that hits our inbox.  Five minutes to decide if we move ahead and pick up the phone… Read More >>

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