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Blog – Let’s Talk About Your Best Job       Get it. Keep it. Manage the Speed Bumps   Your Best Job – Get It     Job Search – Read your tips and tweaks here   Make your job search better. Read tips and tweaks to consider and make your job search better… Read More >>

Spring? Or Time To Quit Your Job?

FEELING RESTLESS?  IS IT JUST SPRING?     OR IS IT TIME TO QUIT YOUR JOB?   Is it just Spring or is it time to quit your job for a better one? Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. We all look forward to Spring, Are you feeling restless at work?… Read More >>

Ten Tips You Will Ignore

Will You Ignore These Ten Tips?       Ten Tips to help your Recruiter help you with your Job Search. Are Recruiters being “straight” with you? Finding out Google calls Recruiters “Scum” got me thinking. So what exactly is our value? The Job Seeker can hit the job boards to send resume after resume… Read More >>

Got A New Job Offer?

  A New Job Offer? Hit Pause Before Saying Yes       Accepting a new job offer is not always the best move You just got a new job offer. Today the job market is different from even five years ago. Where did your offer come from?  Your new job offer can be the… Read More >>

Fresh Interviews

Fresh Interviews   Are you doing Fresh Interviews? I love fresh. Fresh air, fresh food, fresh sheets and most of all – fresh ideas and fresh new tech. Canned anything isn’t great – but the worst are canned Interview answers. What are canned interview answers? Read on..   Canned Interview Answers are Boring   How Boring Are… Read More >>