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Recruiters Are Scum!

Do You Think Recruiters are Scum?   Free gets us no respect these days!   Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars!   Who says so? Google says so! Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried… Read More >>

Why Use a Recruiter?

Why Use a Recruiter? What’s In It For You? What Can A Recruiter Do For You – that you can’t do for yourself? Looking for an Insurance job in Metro Vancouver? There is a lot about job search you can and should do yourself…but if you want to fast track your search and end game – use… Read More >>

Got A New Job Offer? Just Say No!

  Got A New Job Offer? Just Say No! The View from My Sandbox Strange Talk In The Job World! It’s true – I admit I make my living finding people for my clients and finding jobs for my candidates – but sometimes – the best answer to a job offer is – just say… Read More >>

My Side Of The Desk – My Sandbox

I’m a Recruiter. I put people in jobs – bright shiny new jobs with a future. But the road to getting there can be bumpy, full of potholes and unforeseen mudslides when you are face to face with your potential new employer. And I know some “stuff”, some “insider stuff” that will be useful.  Stuff… Read More >>