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Employees Leaving?

Why Are Your Employees Leaving?


Are employees leaving?


Are you losing Employees? Putting it down to “just didn’t belong or only interested in money”? Maybe not…

Here’s a link to a Recruiter I follow – Greg Savage – a long time Sydney Australia Recruiter. I’ve danced around this issue in a couple of blogs but Greg has some pretty strong opinions about why your employees are walking out the door!

Here’s his most recent blog:


People Don’t Leave Companies! They Leave Leaders!

The article got such a huge response it crashed his blog.

I think he’s right.

We see some people dance around saying they are leaving for money, some say for more career advancement. I guess the question is – aren’t these reasons part of the leadership question too?

Money is not the top reason employees stay. The reasons why employees stay is for Recognition, Respect and Appreciation for a job they do well. When employees don’t feel respected, not even money will keep them there for long.

What do you think? I’d like to know!

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