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 Employers hire better Insurance people from Coastline Insurance Personnel


Coastline Insurance Personnel understands your people are the heartbeat of your successful business. Balancing the people you hire to the challenges of your business is what we do best. Use the experience and relationship building skills we’ve built to cut through the noise and find that better candidate you want to hire.

We know Vancouver



We help you hire better people We love Vancouver. Vancouver is our town.  We love the Lower Mainland, The Fraser Valley  the Interior and Northern BC.

We live here, and we’ve worked here on the West Coast as Insurance Recruiters in Vancouver for almost 25 years.

Working with Employers we’ve become Specialists in the Insurance People Business. Like you, we’ve built our place in the Vancouver Business community step by successful step.


We Do More Than Play Fetch




Playing Fetch by accessing a data base isn’t enough to find the best candidates. Our goal to provide you with the ability to hire better people iand provide our Clients with seamless high value search services. We work to match long-term and short-term Employers and Candidate goals to minimize turnover. Coastline includes in-depth background checks, behavioural patterning, long and short-term goal matching and a skills match to give you the best within the Insurance Industry.

We work exclusively within the General Insurance Industry with select Clients in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia and Alberta.

We Are Focused, Tenacious and Unconventional



Employers Hire Better


Coastline zeros in on your company,  your positioning in the Insurance Industry, your short-term and long-term goals, and what you view as your hiring challenges .

Our Company works to the understand important factors drive your company to succeed. Coastline provides Insurance Talent searches are specific to your “wish list” and we are meticulous about finding you more than a suitable candidate to hire.

We’ll find you the best candidates so you can hire better people.


We have limitless energy to complete our successful searches.

Finding great candidates for Employers takes more than a data base or a job board listing although we do that too. It takes knowing who the better people  are  in today’s Insurance market place.

It also means knowing which of these better people are ready for a step up or a move over.



Employer hires


Talent silos today are highly specialized in Sales, Customer Service, Technical Applications and Marketing. Digital on-line sales centres throw new skills awareness and needs into the mix.

Candidates making a move want more than a better financial opportunity. Candidates want challenge, recognition, respect with the ability to work with purpose. They want to work in a work culture that mirrors their own goals.

Work with us to match what you need to hire better people and you will see candidates closest to your wish list of the better hire..




Each demographic wants more from a Recruiter who sits behind a desk asking stock interview questions. We’re mobile.

We are out here where our candidates are, meeting them on neutral territory, getting to know their Insurance career skills and goals, plus have the  “soft” people skills important in todays marketplace. Unconventional because in the words of our clients and our candidates, being available to as Recruiters means more than working 9 – 5 now.

Candidates and Employers want more from us than clock watching to get the job done right for them.




Coastline Recruiters listen more than we talk. A candid open discussion through the search for better people and better jobs brings accurate and valuable feedback to our clients and our candidates.

We work to bring better hires with results to both important pieces of information.


You understand Business today has evolved. Business moves faster and is more specialized. Social media and demographics bring a new focus. You work with tighter competitive time-lines and challenges to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.


We’ve evolved to stay ahead of those changes.  We know it’s critical that each better hire you make has the unique combination of talent and skills that best fits your current and future growth needs.


 We don’t just play Fetch to find better people. We bring our Client Employers value to hire better people


Make your Hiring Vision a Reality – Call us at 604-738-0552 and/or reach us by email at   Contact us today!

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