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Need to hire Insurance People?. You had a resignation, promoted someone, or had to do a termination. You’ve got options – you can use a job board at a pricey upfront expense with no guarantee of successful results.

You can post the job on your company website. If that person isn’t a fit – the candidate search starts all over again. You lose time and lose money from the loss of production. 


You can scour your database, talk to your Insurance world peers and hope for good referrals. Employers can tweet, text, post on Facebook and on LinkedIn. Are these fresh per-screened Candidates targeted specifically for your job qualifications or are these Candidates who have just some of the skills you need who are looking for a job?

Save your time and get a better hiring result by giving Coastline the details to do your search. You make the final decision to hire from a select interview list of the best candidates.


We are Insurance Recruiting Experts


When Coastline confirms the detail on your call, we begin a three-step process to ensure the success of your hire.

  • Coastline reviews and contacts our pre-qualified candidates within our deep Industry network that are not in general circulation.  We know they will be interested in the opportunity your position presents.
  • Our Recruiters refine our candidate list to present you with a confidential shortlist of several people with the specific skill-base, experience and “soft” skills you’ve identified.
  • We arrange interviews, do an immediate candidate followup to address any post interview questions or concerns and include our comments in an in-depth discussion with you when you have completed the interviews.

When Employers make a hiring decision, Coastline presents the offer to the chosen candidate. who have pre-accepted this position and salary package before they came to the interview table.

Hiring SuccessOur Recruiters know  how to counsel candidates about resigning from their current position in a professional manner, how to decline counter-offers,  and we work to smooth out the bumps and quirks in the offer acceptance stage.

Coastline Insurance Personnel still there with you for the transition stage of the first day of work to the end of the placement guarantee period and beyond.

Our Recruiters provide seamless resolution to adjusting to new team members, a new job description and often a different commuting schedule. They maintain contact with you and the candidate through the early months of employment in the off-chance that any details need to be clarified.

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Your hiring success is always our success.  Make that great call.  Contact us today. Reach us at or call us at 604-738-0552.