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Hire With Confidence




Hire with Confidence with our Hiring Guarantee. This guarantee is your most cost-effective Insurance policy to protect your hiring decisions. .

Building your successful team means you need the great candidates  to choose from. We want to use our experience to minimize your staff turnover by providing in-depth interview techniques, pattern analysis and careful reference checking.


Our goal is to build a long-term hiring relationship with you, and we’ll do it one solid placement at a time.

We guarantee the information we give you about their background, references and our assessment of their potential, with an unconditional guarantee.

Our candidate placement loss has remained at less than 5% for more than 25 years. We do our best to maintain this ratio.

With human nature being what it is, we’ll close the gap of the unforeseen with the promise to replace a candidate, should you for any reason be dissatisfied with their performance .




As we begin your unique talent search, we’ll discuss our fees and replacement guarantees  and confirm our terms agreement in writing.  Replacement hiring guarantees are available for the three-month, four-month and six month levels.


Our fees reflect the service and time resources needed on your search. Should you require a replacement, we ask you to let us know immediately and work with us to reassess all the position requirements. We can apply any changes discovered to the search and transition your replacement as swiftly as possible. There are no cash refunds.

Coastline has successfully delivered innovative solutions to find your unique Insurance people hires for twenty  years. Since 1994, Coastline’s focus is exclusively on the Insurance Industry, giving us a deep candidate network within the Insurance marketplace. Use our expertise to hire your best Insurance people with confidence.

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Reach Coastline at 604-738-0552 and/or by email at . Contact Coastline today!