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Employers – Ready to Hire?

Employers – Ready to Hire?

When Insurance Employers are ready to hire , Coastline is the go-to Recruiter to provide outstanding search and selection services within the Insurance Industry. We focus exclusively on the General Insurance  in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia and Alberta. Since 1994, we’ve provided exceptional Employer Recruitment Services for Employers who are ready  to hire. We’ve placed these exceptional hires with our client Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies, one candidate at a time. Find us here!

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Our clients describe us as focused, tenacious and unconventional.

Focused because we concentrate on company, your goals, your challenges and what important factors drive your company to succeed. We tailor our searches specifically to your “wish list” and  are meticulous about finding you more than a suitable candidate to hire. We’ll find you the best one. Tenacious because we have limitless energy to complete our successful searches. We find you the Insurance candidate who most fits your “wish list”.

We know we’re unconventional because we no longer only sit behind a desk asking stock interview questions. We’re mobile. We are out there where our candidates are, meeting them on neutral territory, getting to know  their career skills and goals, plus their “soft” people skills. Unconventional because in the worlds of our clients and our candidates, being available to them only from 9 – 5 just doesn’t get the job done right anymore.

Our services are available to you in two ways:


Our “Rules of Engagement”

Our Fees apply when you hire any Candidate we refer to you at your request. We are pleased to send you a copy of our confidential fee schedule and replacement guarantees at your request before you interview and hire any of our Candidates.

  • Fees apply when any Coastline Candidate referred to you is hired by your Company for any position within twelve months of the original referral date.
  • Fees apply when our Candidate is referred by you to another company within twelve months of our initial referral  date
  • Our fees reflect our charges for professional recruitment and not the “sale of an individual”. Our fees apply regardless of a termination date. If termination falls within a replacement guarantee, that candidate will be replaced with no further charges beyond the initial fee.
  • We ask that payment for our invoice for professional placement services reaches our offices within 21 days of the employment start date to confirm the replacement guarantee.

Our Premium Contingency Recruitment Services fit most recruiting needs. Also known as Transactional Recruitment, our fees apply at the end of a successful search. When you hire a Coastline candidate, it’s a three-step process – The Recruit, The Offer and The transition.

Simply referring pre-selected Database candidate resumes to you isn’t enough. We select targeted candidates, offer a thumbnail analysis of the candidate’s suitability to your position role, schedule interviews and probe candidate concerns, and make pre-accepted offers. We counsel candidates on best methods for resigning and declining counter-offers and help with the transition to a new job and team.

Coastline Insurance Personnel gives you and your team the most successful seamless hire. We guarantee our Employer Services 100% and support a frequent dialogue with both the employer and the candidates you hire, throughout the guarantee period.

We’re here to do the “heavy lifting” so hiring your best Insurance person is a simple choice from the best talent. The highest compliment you can give us is, “Well that was easy!”


Retainer recruitment is provided on request when we conduct your search for a senior manager or a unique and rare candidate who is highly specialized. The recruitment process is divided into three categories, the initial Candidate Search, the Resume Presentation, and The Hire. A fee is paid at the start of each category.

We manage each category in detail, conduct thorough and extensive searches on a broader basis, often targeting specific people on our clients request. We manage advertising budgets, conduct extensive and intensive interviews, present resumes with detailed and meticulous analysis, lead the offer negotiation and acceptance process and arrange any new position transition details.

You agree that doing business today has evolved. It moves faster and is more specialized. Social media and demographics bring a new focus, there are tighter time-lines, more pressure and challenges and the market is more competitive. We’ve evolved to stay ahead of those changes because we know it’s critical that each hire you make be the unique combination of talent and skills that best fits your current and future growth needs.

At Coastline Insurance Personnel, your hiring vision is our vision. The job we do is make that vision a hiring reality.