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For Employers – Make Each Hire A Success Story

For Employers – Make each hire a Success Story

Finding your best employee is our only focus. We commit our time, resources and ability to be sure you can make your choice from the best candidates available.

Defining the Position

Starting with your job description, position history and job growth potential, we find key elements unique to your job opening. We consider the dynamics of your corporate culture, market position and competition combined with salary and benefits packages to bring you potential employees who are closest to your hiring “wish list”.

The Selection Process

Above and beyond today’s Personnel Databases is our invaluable experience, ability and the connections we’ve earned in the Insurance Industry. We use these factors to find not only those qualified candidates who are actively searching for a position, but to also tap into the valuable people currently in jobs who would interested in considering your position as a solid career opportunity.

Evaluation and Reference Checking

As Consultants and not direct employers, we are in a unique position to use specific interviewing techniques to show what drives each candidate we present to you. We also have the ability to discreetly make background inquiries on potential candidates to bring you impartial ability and work evaluation assessments. We are able to discuss your position without revealing your identity while assessing the value candidates are to you, and whether your employment offering could be pursued. We’ll give you this confidential information as part of the interview process.

Job Offers and Salary Negotiations

We’re willing and able to take the lead for successful candidate offer negotiations and diplomatically handle on your behalf those candidates not chosen on you. We’ll support your chosen candidate through any counter-offers and the resignation phase to the successful transition of their first day of employment with you.For more information and to place your search assignment with us, please call us at 604-738-0552, or email us at

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