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Are you doing Fresh Interviews? I love fresh. Fresh air, fresh food, fresh sheets and most of all – fresh ideas and fresh new tech. Canned anything isn’t great – but the worst are canned Interview answers. What are canned interview answers? Read on..


Canned Interview Answers are Boring


How Boring Are Your Interview Skills?


Canned Questions and Canned Answers


What can Job Candidates or Employers possibly achieve when they bore each other with repetitious questions that everyone asks, and getting the same old answers that candidates memorized from web interviewing information?


The Candidate doesn’t learn anything more about the job and the Employer doesn’t know more about the Candidate than when the person walked in the door.


Employers tell me “Yes,  this Candidate seemed okay but I didn’t really get a “feel” for who they are”. Candidates tell me, “Yes, I think the interview went well, but there just wasn’t any real excitement for me about the job”. And, “well we didn’t really talk about the job – it was the usual questions..”

In other words, it was boring and a waste of  everyone’s time.


Why am I talking about Fresh vs Canned?

I re-read the Interview Tips section on the Coastline Insurance Personnel website, and decided it needed a rewrite. But as I cruised around my usual blogosphere looking for inspiration – I realized we recruiters were all saying the same thing – canned. Not seeing anything about being authentic.

Your resume skills get you in the door – but an interview cuts to the chase. It’s do it right or flame out time.

It’s about the two of you sitting across a desk from each other – each asking – “Do you have what I want?”  In a more professional form of course but that’s what you are there to find out. Do you have the skills and personality to fit the job and their team culture? Does the employer have the career opportunities and challenges you want in your next job?

You will give yourself a tremendous edge above other candidates if you practise.

Practise knowing what Skills and Characteristics you have to offer a new employer. Practise examples of how you’ve used them in previous jobs and how they will be a benefit now. Be prepared give answers that highlight your achievements.

To thine own self be true.

You have heard that before. If you know yourself well, you can be natural and authentic in your answers. 

An interview that’s a rehash of just your resume is a poor use of everyone’s time. Start by reviewing possible interview questions in advance. Read the job description  and study the Company website. Highlight items that stand out or are questionable. Prepare a list of things you specifically want to know about this job and listen carefully during the interview. Be ready to give authentic answers.

When Candidates are vague in the interview, the Employer will follow-up and follow-up again with questions.. This is your red flag to be specific about your skills and show enthusiasm for the job.

Being authentic with your answers breaks the canned cycle and shows who your professional self really is.  Employers hire people first and skills second.

Interviews are never easy. It feels high risk territory when you are searching for the right job. Stay away from canned answers  and what you think the employer wants to hear.  Focus on the questions in front of you and stay engaged. Being authentic will go a long way to keeping it a “Fresh Interview” to make you stand out as that better hire.


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