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Employers want to know who you really are


I know you want to get noticed in a job interview. Here are suggestions for a resume energizer.  Doing your resume the first time was hard. Now you want to get on with getting a job.  These are a few resume tweaks to get you noticed for who you really are.

Standing out as a “pick me” high performer takes something extra.  Your resume lists your work experience and your hard (learned) skills.  You need that stuff on your resume to get an interview. You want to get beyond the interview and be the one who gets the offer.  What gets you hired are your soft skills or personality characteristics. Do you have the work personality to fit in with that employers team?

Candidates tell me they don’t know what personality fits in with a potential employer because they don’t work there yet. Search employer websites and notice how they describe their employees there and in job ads. Does it sound like you?

Who are you? Potential employers want to know.  Who you are and what your attitude is matters the most. Bring a human voice to highlight your goals and achievements. That gets you noticed. This article by Liz Ryan at Human Workplace tells you all you need to know to be a standout for the job you really want.

Here’s a sample of what Liz has to say here in Forbes Magazine

Liz Ryan explains how important your resumes is and why it needs to show off your accomplishments.

Traditional Resumes Don’t Cut It Anymore

To understand just how outdated and unhelpful the traditional resume format has become in a Knowledge Worker ecosystem, consider this. Think of a person you know, a present or former colleague who is an ace and a superstar. Get the picture of this person in your mind — someone who’s brilliant, insightful, helpful, resourceful and fun – the greatest person you’ve had the privilege to work with so far.

Now, think of the biggest slacker, idiot or bully you’ve encountered in your travels. I’m referring to the kind of person who inspires his or her colleagues to wonder, “Does s/he have incriminating photos of the boss tucked away somewhere? There’s no other way to explain the fact that this turkey is still employed.”

This is why it Matters

“Think of the standard resume format, and the typical Applicant Tracking System. No hiring manager could tell the difference between the superstar employee and the bottom-of-the-barrel one as long as they both held the same title in the same company at the same time.” How crazy is that?

We should ask job applicants for information that will make those distinctions clear as day, not who-cares?-type information like “what were your tasks and duties?”

The system is broken. We surmount its’ built-in challenges by writing a resume with a human voice in it. Take a look at a few of our resume-won’t-tell-you issues again. Now include a sample of resume language to vault over the obstacle each standard resume failures and get the interview you want.


Tell Employers Who You Are




You have already done the work on your resume. Make sure it really makes your work personality stand out. Take your resume from boring to dynamite.  When you get noticed the door to that better job you want opens. Use resume tweaks to feature the soft skills you need in the job you want.  Make it really speak for you. It isn’t as hard as you think it will be.

Showcase these two things

The first is your real work history and the hard or learned job skills you showcase to do the new job.

The second is the attitude or personality you bring to work to do your job each day. Employers look for who you are and what drives you to achieve. Are you a happy outgoing extrovert enjoying social interaction or are you a positive thinking but quiet introvert focusing on the task at hand?

Most of us fall somewhere between the two.  Are you a risk taking entrepreneur who increases income by including a commission or bonus plan or a steady company security focused person? Who you are matters more than what you do. Choose a job you want for the best fit.

Ask a Friend for Help

Ask a friend or a recruiter to give you some constructive criticism on your resume and offer suggestions. Make the effort and get noticed. Make these differences to get your offer. Take your resume from boring to an attention getter and you give yourself the best career push forward in your job search.

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