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Brutal! See it coming?


Got fired today and didn’t see it coming? Think you were treated unfairly? Are you just plain furious or in a state of shock. Getting fired can feel pretty ugly. How are you feeling?


This is unfair – you worked a lot harder and better than your teammates and you want payback?


Either you got walked out in front of your whole department or at least someone stood over you while you cleaned your desk.
Now everyone in the Industry knows – how will you face your work friends again?


You need to work and have an income. You have rent or a mortgage, bills to pay, and maybe a family to support. And credit cards..


You want to get on your cell and social media and sound off about how horrible your former employer is?


You’ve let yourself and your family down – you think you are nothing but a failure!



You are not alone. Most of us get fired at least once. Life and your career will live on through this. You will survive.


You could lawyer up and chase a case of wrongful dismissal.  Having it heard at trial often takes a year or so – and lawyer fees will cost you upfront.  Unless you are middle management or higher and didn’t get a soft landing severance is that a waste of time. You will stall any new job, affect any references you might get and never get back the income you lost or will spend in the process. Unless you belong to a union or have a specific management contract, an employer in BC can fire you for any reason they like. They do have to pay appropriate severance but that’s it.

Talking to a lawyer might help you feel better but…I’m the practical kind of person.

My advice is to sit yourself down and think about this for a minute. The first thing you need to do is look after you. What does that mean? I don’t mean rush out and get a mani/pedi and a massage to make yourself feel better!  Do what you most need right now?

Most of us will answer – an income – I need another job! I can’t afford to be without a pay cheque!

Take some time to think about the job you just got fired from. Did you feel you weren’t quite right for it but stayed because you needed a job? Were you resisting change your employer needed? Did something about the job change that you lacked the skills for? Were you downsized or laid off? Know what part you play in being let go because it’s in the past and we can’t change the past. We can influence the future however.

Now is the time to organize your references, particularly your Industry references, brush off your resume and give it some sizzle, and most of all, practice what you are going to say in your next interview when you get asked the big and important question which is “Why did you leave your last position”. No, you don’t need to fired – you can say it wasn’t a good fit, or the company was moving in another direction, or something like that. Don’t lie, anyone who checks references will know. Give it a positive spin!

Please don’t use a new job interview as a forum about your negativity to your old employer. You can also acknowledge whatever part you played in the firing, as long as you can say what you learned and what you can improve in your next job.

Getting fired is not the end of the your world, it’s just an uncomfortable pothole. Stay positive and keep your eyes on the future. Use your contacts, get out there and get that new better job! And take a little time to enjoy your time off – once you have your new job – you won’t have any time off for another year!

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