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Handle it Like a Professional

Like a Professional

Handle it like a Professional when you hit those Career Speed Bumps and Potholes in your work life. 

We all have them.

How well you survive is all about your attitude.




Got Fired Today?

Got fired today and didn’t see it coming?  Think you were treated unfairly? Are you just plain furious or in a state of shock. Getting fired can feel pretty ugly. How are you feeling?

ANGRY?   This is unfair – you worked a lot harder and better than your teammates and you want payback?

EMBARRASSED?  Either you got walked out in front of your whole department or at least someone stood over you while you cleaned your desk.
Now everyone in the Industry knows – how will you face your work friends again?

AFRAID?  You need to work and have an income. You have rent or a mortgage, bills to pay, and maybe a family to support. And credit cards.. See more ….

Walked out or Not

Did you give notice today and get walked out the door? Chances are if you quit your job or get fired, you will get walked out the same day. Your manager escorts you to your desk and stands and watches as you pack up.. You give back any company keys and credit cards you hold. The last thing is an escort to the front door of the building. There you are on the street holding your work life. This is shocking  if you aren’t expecting it.

Here are some of the pros and cons to being walked out.  To understand this and why it works best for you and for your employer. Read more Here ….


Spring? Or Time to Quit Your Job…

Is it just Spring or is it time to quit your job for a better one? Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. We all look forward to Spring, Are you feeling restless at work? Yes, we all have hard days at work and feel like we’re spinning our wheels but how do you really know if this is just an off day or what you need is growth or a new “beginning”?

Maybe this is a big deal. You think they aren’t talking about you, aren’t you? You ‘re not an entrepreneur out there wanting to change the world, you’re just a person with a decent job who is trying to have a life. Read More Here



Got a New Job Offer? Hit Pause Before Saying Yes

You just got a new job offer. Today the job market is different from even five years ago. Where did your offer come from?  Your new job offer can be the result of your research of prospective companies plus careful consideration of the type of career opportunity you want. Or it might be because a headhunter or HR representative contacted you and pitched the job in a way that appealed to you.

The real question is if this is an opportunity you actually want and will it move you to a better career position.  It is natural to be flattered by a good job offer. It feels delicious to be recognized for our skills and abilities at the work we do.  We can get rushed through the hiring process feeling a real high.

Your new offer can be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Or not. Read More Here ….



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