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I’m a Recruiter. I put people in jobs – bright shiny new jobs with a future. But the road to getting there can be bumpy, full of potholes and unforeseen mudslides when you are face to face with your potential new employer. And I know some “stuff”, some “insider stuff” that will be useful.  Stuff about how employers hire, interviewing, job search. Most of it is relevant, some of it is irreverent. All of it is good stuff to know when you are managing your career or making your way through the hiring process. Some of it is even about hanging on to the job you’ve got!

Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Change Jobs!-see my next blog..

Bold talk from someone who makes her living from placing people into new jobs, right? The question is – should you get a new job now? Points for you to think about before you make that big leap forward. Let’s make sure it really is a forward jump!

And one more thing – haven’t we all changed in the past few years? Job Boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, texts, tweets – we’re going a lot faster but somehow the basics in job search stay the same. When I was a kid there was a saying I heard all the time – what I didn’t know couldn’t hurt me. Now how wrong is that – What you don’t know as you are about to make a move can hurt you – especially when we’re talking about your job and your career!


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