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How Tasty is Your Opportunity Pie?

 Read this to make your New Job an Opportunity Pie


Get your piece of opportunity pie

How Big is your piece of the Opportunity Pie?

A new job is not just one tasty pie – it has  many slices – different sizes and flavours! Some pieces are bigger and definitely more delicious than others.


What does your Opportunity Pie look like?

Make your piece of opportunity pie Delicious! Decide what’s important to you, and pick the best ones that suit your goals. Here’s some Slices to look at when considering your next Job Opportunity…

1. How much will I enjoy the work? – 18%

This is the biggest slice and the most important. If you don’t like what you’re doing – the rest of the pie doesn’t matter.

2. Culture – 16%

The work and the place needs to give you satisfaction. You will spend more time here than with your family or your friends – so make sure it’s someplace you enjoy going to five+ days a week.

3. Where will it put me in 2 years? – 15% + Internal Growth Potential – 15%

What will you learn – and how will you grow as a professional? Will you learn a new skill and be more marketable? Do you want to keep pushing ahead and will this new job help you? If you want long-term satisfaction – will this job keep you interested and challenged?

4. Salary – 12%

Rarely is salary the Number One reason for moving to a new job. It might be the push that makes you look around – but Recognition and Respect march ahead of money 75% of the time. Everyone wants a good salary – 5 – 10% above your last salary. However – look closely – for the right opportunity, a lateral move or even less might open the door you’re looking for.

Work/Life Balance – 8%

Lots of companies talk, talk, talk this one – but are they living it? Do you have a life outside of work? If you do – and some of us have BIG lives outside of work – check and make sure the new job is going to let you keep it.

6. Benefits and Vacations + bonuses 10%

These two are set in stone for most companies. Sometimes if you push you can grab another week of vacation – but benefits are determined well before you got there and are non-negotiable. if the company has more than 5 people, the bonus structure is non-negotiable also. It’s not personal.

7. Commute – 3%

This is a BIG one for some people. Really? Compared to the stuff above? Nobody wants an irrational commute but hey! Commuting is the stuff of working period. If this is a job opportunity, maybe put the commute in perspective and get over it!

8. Job Title – 3%

Seriously? If this is high on your list – something tells me you aren’t getting the respect and recognition you deserve at your current job. If you do care – ask for it – this one is often negotiable – depending on the size of the company.

Conclusion? Each piece of the pie is essential in your new job. Take the time to understand the value of each piece to you. Is each piece oozing with something delicious like caramel sauce, double chocolate fudge, with chocolate lava and fresh raspberries and … wait – that’s my pie – what’s in yours? Is it Delicious??

Much of this article brazenly lifted with thanks from one of my favourite sites found at The Undercover Recruiter and written by Jeff Newman. 

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