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Did you Choose your Career ?

Or Did Your Career Choose You?


Did you choose Insurance as your Career? Your Career is important to your quality of life.  The first question I ask new Candidates about their Insurance Career is “How did you get into Insurance?” No one told me they wanted to be an Insurance Agent when they were growing up. No one said they chose their college or university courses to earn a degree suited to an Insurance Career.





Was it was Serendipity?

“Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development

of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way.”

Did your career search that landed you in an Insurance career happen like this? When you finished your education it was hard to decide what to choose.There was either too much or too little to choose from

Or were you between jobs and didn’t know what to do?.

Did you have an uncle, a cousin or a friend with a career in Insurance who were doing great? They experienced career success and had established a secure work and financial future.

You made the decision to get your Level I,  got an Insurance job, was surprised you liked the Industry and thrived.  And here you are. Sound familiar?

Serendipity has a lot to do with Insurance careers

You have a lot of options when you work in the Insurance Industry. You’ve worked hard to get your insurance education, and you work to maintain your license. You’ve got a wide selection of jobs to choose from – you are always in demand. In demand because there are never enough people to fill the Broker and Company positions in your field.


The big question?

Do you have a plan to reach the best jobs where you’re going and how you’ll reach them? And when it’s time to make each move up? Or are you leaving it up to Serendipity again.



Where and how do you start a career plan?


Step 1: Just start with the basics

Step 2:

Step 3:


Choose the Insurance Industry. Make the choice to thrive and succeed


This is a very simplistic outline of how to plan your career.  Under the umbrella of either an Insurance Broker or Insurance Company is a huge variety of positions. Your decision has to start with you and who you are. It also includes how much you prepared to do to reach your goal. Most Brokers and Insurance Companies reimburse tuition fees and exam costs when you want to upgrade your Insurance education to grow to a better job.


Find an Experienced Recruiter you can trust to guide your career.




Make your Choice – Choose your Starring role




Celebrate Your Success!


Don’t Forget to Celebrate your Successes along the way – life is more of a trip than a destination.

Choose to succeed!



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