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Keep Your Job Search Secret

A Secret Job Search



A question to ask yourselves….


Why Keep My Job Search A Secret?


1)Yes, don’t tell anyone.


No, not your best buddy at work, because nothing is ever kept a secret. Mistakes happen, words slip…friends tell the secret to one friend who won’t tell..ever. Uh-huh and pretty soon your whole office knows.

Don’t tell your Manager or your Supervisor. If you do,  you’ll  hear lots of good things about how sad they are to see you go.  As soon as you’re officially “looking”, your value to the company slips to almost zero. Also, Managers and Supervisors are judged by the stability of their staff when their reviews roll by – and just slipped from being a valued employee to one of their problems.

2) Network carefully.


Network carefully in secret job searchManage your search contacts as if you are a valuable commodity and not as someone who will date anyone. If you know your industry and your speciality, then you’ll know who you want to work for out there. If you’re unemployed, you can be less selective who you contact.

If you are currently employed, try to limit the number of people who will pick up the phone and tell your Manager they’ve heard you are leaving. But what about those great jobs out there someone might offer you if they hear you are looking? Seriously? You are leaving your job, your career to someone who might hear? Say it isn’t so!

3) Wait for the signed offer.


You’ve been through first and second successful interviews for a job you really want, and before you left your potential employers’ office, they made you an offer and you accepted. Wait for the signed offer before you tell your friends,  your boss and the rest of the world.  You’d be shocked if you knew how many times something comes up after a verbal offer is made and before the signed one hits your inbox! Head Offices withdraw hiring permissions, an old employee wants his job back, upper management refuses to approve your salary level…..those are only a few.


Things you took for granted, like your number of weeks of holidays, your complete benefit plan and how much it is going to cost you, and are you getting a bonus and what will it take to get it – can be different on a written contract than you think you heard in the offer. Make sure in writing you are actually getting what you think you are. And of course, if you are looking for an insurance job in Vancouver, your Vancouver Insurance Recruiter will/should be doing this work for you.

Why wait? What are you going to do if you get a verbal offer, march right back to your office and give notice…and wait for an offer that doesn’t come?  Your current employer would probably keep you – but now they know you think of them as second best. And who wants to be second best?


4) Used a new job to get a Counter Offer and a Raise?


don't tempt with counter offerBad idea and a career destructive move. Attitude is everything. You made it clear you are all about the money. Now your employer sees you as someone sitting a lot closer to the exit door. They’ll try move you out at the earliest opportunity

You may have gotten more money but the basic trust between you and your employer is damaged. Keep it a secret – nothing good comes of blabbing about your job search!  Maybe just wait – there’s time for the big celebration when you have the contract signed!

It’s your career – if you are thinking about changing jobs – keep your job search a secret! Find more tips and tweaks to help you find your best job here 

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