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Lost Your Temper At Work?

  Lost Your Temper At Work?


Lost temper at work and got fired today



Just lost your Temper At Work? Now What?


Did you just snap at an annoying co-worker, or was someone giving you grief in a recent meeting, or was the print – copier function completely snarled when you needed something now? Were you running late for a meeting? Was it just that last small thing that sent you over the edge?

Yes, you’ve got it – stress overload! But does that excuse us from losing our temper at work?

Now what? Do you just quietly go about your day hoping it all gets forgotten? Just wait until it blows over and things get back to normal? Just ignore the whole thing?

Not a good idea. General insurance is a specialized niche Industry with a long memory. Issues like “short-fused” and “doesn’t play well with others” come up in reference checking and could seriously affect your professional reputation.


Apologizing can be awkward. But it needs to be done. Experts say this is best way


  1. Say sorry and admit you were wrong to lose your temper and say what you did.
  2. Tell your co-worker you understand you upset them. Tell them how you would feel if someone spoke to you like that and reacted like you  did.
  3. Tell them what you will do the next time a situation like this arises so it won’t happen again.
  4. Be sincere – there’s a good chance the air will clear and the temper incident put behind you both if not forgotten altogether.
  5. We all make mistakes. It takes a bigger person to admit to what we’ve done and make a strong effort to repair relationships.


Our work will always have stressful days. Great office relationships with our co-workers can do a lot of diffuse work stress if we do the work to keep them healthy! It’s hard to apologize when you lost your temper.

Embarrassing to face up to. Be brave. Put your pride in your pocket and apologize. Get it behind you and get back to a good place for you at work. This is your work, it’s your team and in your best career interests to maintain healthy relationships and admit when we are wrong when we need to.


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