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Make Big Decisions Like Jeff

Make Big Decisions Like Jeff

How do you feel when you try to make a decision if you don’t know how to make big decisions like Jeff? ? 

You can check data and ask friends to help but how to be sure? We all need mentors!



How to make decisions like needing a new job



Who better to get Life and Business Secrets from than Jeff Bezo? Learn how Jeff made decisions to build his Amazon business up from a tiny delivery shop to a world monster success story. He also owns The Washington Post.

See how he works his life to be a success too.

Featured on Axios Business today, here’s Jeff Bezo’s best life and business secrets!


“If you can make a decision with analysis, you should do so. But it turns out in life that your most important decisions are always made with instinct and intuition.” — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos


In the world of social media, advice pages and the incredible speed information comes at use every day, we forget to trust our gut.


Read the whole article here:


Great interview article written by Mike Allen about an interview with Jeff Bezos led by David Rubenstein.


Eat it up and use it, Make Decisions like Jeff – we all need Mentors!



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