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Mud at The Wall Job Search

Mud At The Wall Job Search


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Are you throwing mud at the wall in your job search? That makes me say – “you did – what?”, when I answered your call. You told me  you have great Insurance skills and you’re looking for an Insurance Job in Vancouver. You ask me what I can do for you.

So far so good. This is what I do – I recruit and place great candidates for employers in the Insurance Industry.  I am very good at it. This is the job I’ve done successfully for the past 20 years. My next question is always – So who have you applied to so far? Had any interviews? From what you tell me, you sound like you have a lot to offer a prospective employer.

Tell me – what kind of results or feedback have you had? I ask this question because I don’t want to get in the way of what you’ve got going on and present you to someone you’re already talking with. I want to compare lists so I can avoid your contacts and talk about the current Insurance job opportunities I can present you to.


You’ve done WHAT? You’ve sent your resume to every Broker and Underwriting Company in the Lower Mainland who is and is not on your “targeted list”? We call this “throwing mud at the wall to see if anything sticks”.
Now you want to know what I can do for you? You’ve done everything you can think of and NOW you are coming to me?


Here’s what I can do for you now.  Nothing. I can wish you good luck, but that’s it.  Throwing mud at a wall in a job search to see if anything stick isn’t the way to find a professional career or even a good job.  Your next job should be a great fit for you and your skill set. It’s not a one size fits all kind of thing.

You understand what I do – right? You don’t pay me. Clients pay me when I find them a Candidate they hire.  They don’t pay me to pop multiple resumes out to them. Clients pay me to present both work skills and the human side of a  few chosen candidates – with all those nuanced skills that don’t show up on a resume.

This is where I do my best work representing you – presenting, persuading, negotiating on your behalf. It’s an art, a science – and skill I’ve polished over twenty years. I take your skill set and turn you into a live person to a client who’s looking for an ideal fit for their team, their culture. Employers hire the human side. You can teach skills but not attitude and enthusiasm. It’s why clients use our services. We make it easy to find that “human” person – the right fit.

But once you’ve “touched” a potential employer – with that click when you zipped off your resume – you belong to them. You are in their data base – even if they are ignoring you along with all the other resumes. I can’t present you as a candidate again to an employer who already has your resume and made a judgement call on it. Your resume will stay on their database for a minimum of two years whether they call you back or not.

I want to help you but I can’t.. In many ways, technology has made my job easier – but it’s made your job search much harder. It just looks easier. It’s harder because now it’s impersonal – you’ve become one more email in an inbox. You aren’t really even human – you’re just an email – employers have become Nobody’s talking – everybody is clicking.

Before you even start – stop and think. Does your personality jump off the pages of your resume? Is there enthusiasm, optimism, and positive thinking written all over it? Talk to a Recruiter before you start sending your resume – get some help or some advice before you flood every inbox you can find.  You only get one chance with an employer. Finding a great job takes more than clicking because people hire people, not clicks.

Before you send your resume off to every potential employer – call me first. Or if you want to go it along – be selective and choose employers who best suit your career path to find your best match. Don’t just throw mud at the wall.

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