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GOT FIRED TODAY? Brutal! See it coming?   Got fired today and didn’t see it coming? Think you were treated unfairly? Are you just plain furious or in a state of shock. Getting fired can feel pretty ugly. How are you feeling? ANGRY? This is unfair – you worked a lot harder and better than… Read More >>

Ten Resume Words We Love

 Words We Love To Use On Our Resume We love ten resume words the most.  I write a few resumes plus read and edit many more. Do I use these words? Yes, Guilty. Why use them? Employers know and use them, they are “buzz words”, and we use them because they convey meaning out there in… Read More >>

Mud at The Wall Job Search

Mud At The Wall Job Search       Are you throwing mud at the wall in your job search? That makes me say – “you did – what?”, when I answered your call. You told me  you have great Insurance skills and you’re looking for an Insurance Job in Vancouver. You ask me what I can… Read More >>

Want to Get Noticed?

 Want to get noticed?  Change your resume Employers want to know who you really are I know you want to get noticed in a job interview. Then I hear you groan when I suggest a resume change.  Doing your resume the first time was hard. Now you want to get on with getting a job. To stand… Read More >>


New Job? Nine Tips to Success Got a new job? Here are some tips to follow to make this new job your biggest  success!   First –  Congratulations! You stepped up and won yourself the great new job you wanted. You are a star! You can move your career forward and get money, more opportunity and… Read More >>

How Tasty is Your Opportunity Pie?

How Tasty is Your Opportunity Pie? Opportunity Pie – Delicious!! A new job is not just one tasty pie – it has  many slices – different sizes and flavours! Some pieces are bigger and definitely more delicious than others.   What does your Opportunity Pie look like? Well, what’s important to you? Here’s some Slices… Read More >>

Fresh not Canned Interviews

Fresh not Canned Interviews I love fresh. Fresh air, fresh food, fresh sheets and most of all – fresh ideas. Canned anything isn’t great – but the worst is canned Interviews. Canned Questions and Canned Answers. What can Job Candidates or Employers possibly achieve when they are boring each other with repetitious questions that everyone… Read More >>

Six Seconds to Fame – Or “Resumes – Again!”

Six Seconds to Fame – Or “Resumes – Again!” When you ask people like me – Recruiters – how much time we spend on a new resume that hits our inbox – we’ll tell you – five minutes. Five minutes to decide if we move ahead and pick up the phone or whip out an… Read More >>

Ten Tips You Will Ignore

Ten Tips You Will Ignore Are Recruiters not being “straight” with you? Finding out Google calls Recruiters “Scum” got me thinking. So what exactly is our value? The Job Seeker can hit the job boards to send resume after resume on any job posted. is that the best path to a new career opportunity? What… Read More >>

Recruiters Are Scum!

  Free Gets No Respect In Our Culture!       Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars! Who says so? Google says so! Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried it and gave you my… Read More >>

Lost Your Temper At Work?

Have you ever Lost Your Temper At Work? Had A Bad Day? Now What? Maybe not that bad? Did you just snap at an annoying co-worker, or was someone giving you grief in a recent meeting, or was the print – copier function completely snarled when you needed something now? Were you running late for… Read More >>

Spring? Or Time To Quit Your Job?

JUST SPRING OR TIME TO QUIT Your Job? Spring is a time for new growth and new beginnings. We all look forward to Spring, Are you feeling restless at work? Sure we all have hard days at work and feel like we’re spinning our wheels but how do you really know if this is just… Read More >>

Why Are Employees Leaving Jobs?

Are you an Employee leaving your job? Why? In the morning as a way of kick starting work mode I read the news and a couple of business recruiting blogs. One article at Harvard business Review-Blogs was called “Five Ways to Retain Employees Forever” by David K. Williams and Mary Michelle Scott. They quoted some… Read More >>

Based on Experience Salaries

Based on Experience Salaries or BOE When you are cruising the Insurance Career job boards have you noticed that job descriptions have changed? We tell you all about a bright new shiny job stuff to get your attention. But when you get down to the really important stuff – like location, hours of work, salary… Read More >>

Walked Out or Not?

Walked Out or Not? Ready to resign? Will you be Walked Out or Not? Which one works best for you and for your employer? You’ve got a new job and you give notice. Does your Employer counter-offer, accept your notice terms or walk you out the same day? I’m a professional Recruiter and I see… Read More >>

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