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Nine Tips to Success in your New Job


be successful in your new job


Got a new job? Here are some tips to follow to make this new job your biggest  success!

First –  Congratulations! You stepped up and won yourself the great new job you wanted. You are a star! You can move your career forward and get money, more opportunity and growth, plus whatever you were aiming for when you made this change.

Here are nine tips to success that will help you be a success through the tricky first three months of a new job…..



  • Be careful with your communications

When we are the new kid on the block we want to make a good impression. If you’ve joined a professional work culture, you will probably find they talk and write “company speak” and not everyday slang. We love to be our original authentic self but hold off for a while. Sit back and listen to the office culture.

Take care with emails, letters etc. and double-check for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. No texting slang or shortcuts. Many employers still place a high value on great and correct communication skills. It’s all about recognizing and fitting in with your new office culture.


Ask for Company guidelines on social media

Feeling like a break from new job first day nerves? Want to check into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or use your favourite browsers at work to check out who’s doing what on the latest entertainment gossip site? Ask what company guidelines are first.  

Don’t try sneaking a peek when “no one is looking” at your screen – some companies have firewalls that track and list your every move outside of their company software. Some allow it and some don’t – the same goes for using your cell during business hours.

Make sure your employer doesn’t care as long as your work is getting done. Some still disapprove of even limited use of social media during work.


  • Don’t compare your last job to your current one.

Did they have a better way of handling a client or a file at your last job? Could be, but unless you were hired to be instantly innovative or a change agent,

Your job is to do it their way until you know your current job inside out before offering helpful suggestions.


  • Keep a respectful distance from Supervisors or Bosses.

You got along just great during the hiring process and in a relaxed atmosphere or even jovial as you signed your contract. Being initially over familiar when you’re the Newbie is never a good idea.

You’ll be one of the gang and earn their respect but trust comes with time and by consistently producing good work.


  • Get to work in time and be appropriately dressed

Were you a sharp dresser when you interviewed and said you always make an effort to get there on time?  Keep it up or your employer will wonder just who is the real you?


  • Pay attention to Company Culture and Dynamics

We mean Company culture not ethnicity! What’s your new company’s style? Listen and learn about what makes this office tick before you make a blunder you regret. Something as simple as what happens at closing time.

Does everyone rush out immediately or do people take their time to finish off a project if it’s needed. If you do need to pick up a child promptly or get to a night class on time – let your co-workers know you have a commitment not because you are a clock watcher.


  • Attitude is everything

Keep and show a positive attitude about your work, and the learning curve. Be responsive to suggestions to improve, and check in with your Supervisor for feedback for something you can improve on.

Be open to special projects or changes in your job description. Sometimes a newly created position is a work in progress and will have tweaking to synchronize with other established positions.


  • Admit your mistakes

Made a blooper? Fess up immediately to your supervisor and get working on correcting it. We all make mistakes – especially in a new unfamiliar job. It’s not about making a mistake, it’s about how you handle yourself after you make it.

Nothing good comes from covering up something that went sideways on you.


  • Get involved

Participate in any company initiatives, especially those that fund raise in the community. Join in on any company social events – put yourself out there and get caring about what your company cares about. Don’t want to run in the company marathon?  

Stand on the sidelines to cheer the team on and hand out water bottles. Be a good sport and get to know your fellow employees! You’ll spend more time at work than you will awake at home – you might as well enjoy it!


  • Take advantage of upgrading

Change is Constant. Attend company sponsored seminars to stay current on market trends and new product offerings in your area of expertise. Use insurer events to grow and expand your company relationship.

Use employer sponsored funding to upgrade Insurance professional skills and achieve your designations.


Good Luck in your new job! Pay attention to the Nine Tips To Success and make this job the Dream Job you’ve always wanted!

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