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What’s the Big Deal about Office Culture?



It is time to accept Office Culture as important as great work skills and qualifications. You see office culture mentioned in job ads. It is the ability to get along with others. Able to work well within a team. Also called great relationship building skills.

Poor people skills and under developed communication skills get you a short tenure at many companies. The ability to thrive in an office culture is even more important than how good you are at your job. Our blog has posts that can help you negotiate those hard situations.


Office Culture – Manage the Potholes

When you are at work, a lot of stuff happens. You are working under a time pressure deadline and someone keeps humming the same tune over and over. Your lunch disappears from the lunch room fridge again. Your team-mate messes up their end of a project. The list goes on an on.  We’ve got some ideas to keep you on track or keep you on it.


New Job? Nine Tips to Success

Got a new job? Here are some tips to follow to make this new job your biggest  success!

First –  Congratulations! You stepped up and won yourself the great new job you wanted. You are a star! You can move your career forward and get money, more opportunity and growth, plus whatever you were aiming for when you made this change.

Here are nine tips to success that will help you be a success through the tricky first three months of a new job…..

Be careful with your communications

When we are the new kid on the block we want to make a good impression. If you’ve joined a professional work culture, you will probably find they talk and write “company speak” and not everyday slang. We love to be our original authentic self but hold off for a while. Read More


Lost Your Temper At Work?

How bad was it?

Did you just snap at an annoying co-worker, or was someone giving you grief in a recent meeting, or was the print – copier function completely snarled when you needed something now? Were you running late for a meeting? Was it just that last small thing that sent you over the edge?

Yes, you’ve got it – stress overload! But does that excuse us from losing our temper at work?

Now what? Do you just quietly go about your day hoping it all gets forgotten? Just wait until it blows over and things get back to normal? Just ignore the whole thing?  Read More..…..


Got Fired Today?

Got fired and didn’t see it coming? Think you were treated unfairly? Are you just plain furious or in a state of shock. Getting fired can feel pretty ugly. How are you feeling?

ANGRY?This is unfair – you worked a lot harder and better than your teammates and you want payback? EMBARRASSED? Either you got walked out in front of your whole department or at least someone stood over you while you cleaned your desk.

Now everyone in the Industry knows – how will you face your work friends again Afraid? You need to work and have an income. You have rent or a mortgage, bills to pay, and maybe a family to support. And credit cards.Vindictive?  You want to get on your cell and social media and sound off about how horrible your former employer is. Ashamed and Humiliated? You’ve let yourself and your family down – you think you are a failure and afraid for your future. I have GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS!  Read More.…..


Got A New Job Offer?

Sometimes a new job offer is not the best move. Strange Talk In The Job World!

A new job offer can make you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place. You are excited and maybe feeling butterflies at the same time. I admit I make my living finding people for my clients and finding jobs for my candidates – but sometimes – the best answer to a job offer is – just say No Thanks. Think about not making a move if:

1) It’s just about the money.

More money is only good for the first couple of bank deposits and after that excitement is over – you still need to deal with new a new corporate culture, new managers, a new team, a new commute, new files and huge changes. And one big question – will you be doing the same job but paid way more money? Were you underpaid or is there high turnover where you are headed? Try to get as much upfront information as you can before you leap. Money is good, but not worth it if it’s you that is sizzling instead of the new job. Read More ….



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