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Our Company loves Vancouver.  We live here, and we work here. We are Insurance Recruiters at Coastline Insurance Personnel.

As an integral part of the Vancouver and BC culture we understand the business community.  The word Personnel is a little old fashioned but we’ve kept it in our name because we give our Clients and Candidates more than a game of Fetch.

Acting as sounding board for Clients, we listen and advise as the culture of demographics changes the marketplace. Coaching and mentoring assists with proven advice for Candidates who come to us for an upgrade in their Insurance career roles.

For the past 20 years Coastline has successfully continued working as Insurance Recruiters in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, The Island and the BC Interior. Contact us today to work with you.


What We Do


Since 1994,  we’ve built our Insurance search ability by focusing exclusively in the General Insurance Industry. Our recruitment expertise is rooted in understanding the sales function.

Proven to excel in middle to the senior range placements, we include mid management roles within the Property and Casualty Insurance areas. Our Company is proud to be your most trusted search choice when you need to hire exceptional insurance people. Email us at or send us a note on our Contact Us page.




My name is Freyja White. I am a Career Recruiter working exclusively in the Insurance Industry as our Senior Recruitment Consultant. I been recruiting forever. Since retiring from the Recruiting Industry I continue to offer my opinion, support and advice to Job Seekers, current Employees who are looking for direction with job issues, or seek support about career development.

picture of Freyja with "new hair"My experience includes leading a Recruitment team to hire National Sales People for Fortune 500 Companies as both a Branch Manager and a  District Manager and finally my last love, blogging for the Insurance Industry at Coastline Insurance Personnel

I am a Recruitment  professional  who joined the Insurance Industry rather than a person who left the industry to join the recruitment field. I chose Insurance as my niche market. I constantly upgrade my skill base to stay market current, as each demographic influences recruiting needs.

Insurance Recruitment chose me.  I understand the “multiple-layers”of the Insurance industry, understands candidate patterning and knows the personality profiles that most succeed.

I love Vancouver and have developed a deep insurance industry network to draw candidate advice and support from.  I’m thrilled to see people I placed years ago now in prominent leadership the same company. Using my insight, objectivity and recruitment experience I hope to continue making some continuing contribution to the industry.


Random and Irrelevant Facts about Freyja


  • Scuba Diving was my first love
  • Passionate about Insurance Recruiting and working with our company placing people in jobs they love to move into 
  • Crazy about Pekingese Dogs, well, any dog really.
  • Is An introvert and Ambidextrous
  • Keeps 3 books to read on the go at all times.
  • have learned to code because I can
  • Has left/right dyslexia so point where you want to go when I’m driving
  • Love anyone who can make me laugh
  • World politics fanatic
  • A darn good cook
  • Finally – Ready to get back on a bike after falling off one in the park one afternoon 15 year ago. Beer had nothing to do with it.
  • Just bought a new bike – failed my test when I went to pick it up. They asked what kind it was and I said “green”.
  • Show me a tree – any tree and I will love it
  • Outdoors, hiking, walking, and must be anywhere near the water.
  • A long time yoga enthusiast

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