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Recruiters Are Scum!

Do You Think Recruiters are Scum?



Do People think Recruiters are Scum

We get no respect!


Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars!


Who says so? Google says so!


Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried it and gave you my top four answers.

Harsh? I think so..

I follow Recruiter/Trainer Greg Savage, who writes a blog at The Savage Truth and here’s the link to his site: Like Greg, I’ve spent my career as a Recruiter so this piece of news was hard to hear!

Know there is a difference between Recruiters here in and outside of Canada. We don’t – no – we can’t charge candidates a fee to work on a job search. Outside of Canada, most Recruiters ask their Candidates for an upfront fee from the get-go, and some ask for part of the fee the new Employer pays for your placement services.

In Canada, what we do is provide our time and services to candidates for free. Free gets no respect in our culture.

Is the service free because Recruiters don’t add value to your career search?  No – the employment law is there to protect a vulnerable job seekers and to make sure everyone who is looking for a job has a level playing field. You can’t buy your way in to a better job. If you could, people with the most money would have the best jobs.

Not sure what our role is in Job Placement?


Up front, this is what we do….

“Our Mission or Purpose is to work on behalf of Clients who hire us to fill critical positions.  Clients with critical positions want to hire the best possible candidates but may not have the time, the resources or “the reach” to both find and attract those Candidates they most to hire.


The Client, your new Employer, pays us – so does that make our job “all about the money”?  The answer is Yes and No.

You have a job – right? Would you go to work if you weren’t going to get paid? We know the answer to that – of course not!

Some Recruiters work for a salary, but those of us who are good at what we do – don’t. Our income is based on our productivity alone – so a successful placement equals an income.


This is a tough business. The stats will tell you 80% of Recruiters won’t last more than two years. If you’re only in “The Business” to charge Clients money for making placements – you won’t last.


Candidates are “Gold” to our Business


Recruiting is about Relationships and Referrals. Without Candidates (Job-seekers) to place we don’t have a Business. A Relationship with a Recruiter means we need an understanding about what our role is and what your role is.


Let’s make your Job Search a Success and give you a reason to Celebrate. Give me information about your motivation as a candidate. To place you successfully tell me why you are making a move and what do you want to achieve for yourself, both today and tomorrow.

I need my candidates to understand we work as a team. I need good information to promote them to clients as prospective hires. Why?

Because companies hire people first, not skills first.

If your background  and career goals are a match or I think you can make a strong contribution to a Client company, I’ll do everything possible to get you in front of them. The less information you share with me, the farther away we are from that hire.


No information beyond your resume is just “throwing mud at the wall, hoping something sticks.” Working with a Recruiter is a professional relationship aimed at achieving the same goal – getting you the job you want.

Coach, Tweak, and Support


I coach interview skills and how to answer those difficult questions. I tweak resumes, expand job descriptions far past the list of “responsibilities” posted on a job board, and prepare candidates for counter-offers, plus how to resign without burning bridges. I also always negotiate higher salary offers. We “hold hands” and soothe frayed nerves during the waiting for a decision stage.

Clients tell me critical post interview information  and I pass on information to you to explain why you didn’t get a job and how to overcome that objection next time. All these services are free to candidates.


Candidates Feel Pressured to Take the Job


Don’t be. The easiest words in the English language are “No Thank You” – as long as you are clear about why you are hesitating.

The final decision is always yours.  It’s your career. On the other hand,  window shoppers waste my time and my Client’s time.

So do I think Recruiters have earned the label of “scum”?


The Candidates I work hard for and successfully place don’t think so.  I don’t think so.  Do you?

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