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Recruiters Are Scum!

Do You Think Recruiters are Scum?     We get no respect!   Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars!   Who says so? Google says so!   Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried it… Read More >>

Based on Experience Salaries

What Does Based on Experience Salaries Mean?     Sometimes the job ad says BOE   When you are cruising the Insurance Career job boards have you noticed that job descriptions have changed? We tell you all about a bright new shiny job stuff to get your attention. But when you get down to the… Read More >>

Job Search

Job Search Tips and Hacks to Get Your Best Job Read our Job Search Blog and Improve your chances of getting the interview and the job opportunity you are looking for.        


Nine Tips to Success in your New Job     Got a new job? Here are some tips to follow to make this new job your biggest  success! First –  Congratulations! You stepped up and won yourself the great new job you wanted. You are a star! You can move your career forward and get money,… Read More >>

Employees Leaving?

Why Are Your Employees Leaving?     Are you losing Employees? Putting it down to “just didn’t belong or only interested in money”? Maybe not… Here’s a link to a Recruiter I follow – Greg Savage – a long time Sydney Australia Recruiter. I’ve danced around this issue in a couple of blogs but Greg… Read More >>

Lost Your Temper At Work?

  Lost Your Temper At Work?       Just lost your Temper At Work? Now What?   Did you just snap at an annoying co-worker, or was someone giving you grief in a recent meeting, or was the print – copier function completely snarled when you needed something now? Were you running late for… Read More >>