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Six Seconds to Fame

 Improve your Resume Six Seconds to Fame     Learn how to use your six seconds to fame to give yourself the success you want.  Star gazing is great for dreaming of success. Once you have that dream of success, know how to make a plan.  Making a plan needs a road map and a… Read More >>

How Tasty is Your Opportunity Pie?

 Read this to make your New Job an Opportunity Pie   How Big is your piece of the Opportunity Pie? A new job is not just one tasty pie – it has  many slices – different sizes and flavours! Some pieces are bigger and definitely more delicious than others.   What does your Opportunity Pie… Read More >>

Why Use a Recruiter?

Why Use a Recruiter?     What’s In It For You?   Why use a Recruiter and what does a Recruiter offer – that you can’t do for yourself? Looking for an Insurance job in Metro Vancouver? There is a lot about job search you can and should do yourself…but if you want to fast track your… Read More >>

Got A New Job Offer?

  A New Job Offer? Hit Pause Before Saying Yes       Accepting a new job offer is not always the best move You just got a new job offer. Today the job market is different from even five years ago. Where did your offer come from?  Your new job offer can be the… Read More >>

Recruiters Are Scum!

Do You Think Recruiters are Scum?     We get no respect!   Recruiters are also Useless, a Waste of Time, and Liars!   Who says so? Google says so!   Try it yourself – go to Google and type “Recruiters are” and you get a drop-down list to choose from. I just tried it… Read More >>

Based on Experience Salaries

What Does Based on Experience Salaries Mean?     Sometimes the job ad says BOE   When you are cruising the Insurance Career job boards have you noticed that job descriptions have changed? We tell you all about a bright new shiny job stuff to get your attention. But when you get down to the… Read More >>

Job Search

Job Search Tips and Hacks to Get Your Best Job Read our Job Search Blog and Improve your chances of getting the interview and the job opportunity you are looking for.        


Nine Tips to Success in your New Job     Got a new job? Here are some tips to follow to make this new job your biggest  success! First –  Congratulations! You stepped up and won yourself the great new job you wanted. You are a star! You can move your career forward and get money,… Read More >>

Keep Your Job Search Secret

A Secret Job Search     A question to ask yourselves….   Why Keep My Job Search A Secret?   1)Yes, don’t tell anyone.   No, not your best buddy at work, because nothing is ever kept a secret. Mistakes happen, words slip…friends tell the secret to one friend who won’t tell..ever. Uh-huh and pretty… Read More >>

Mud at The Wall Job Search

Mud At The Wall Job Search       Are you throwing mud at the wall in your job search? That makes me say – “you did – what?”, when I answered your call. You told me  you have great Insurance skills and you’re looking for an Insurance Job in Vancouver. You ask me what I can… Read More >>