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Ten Resume Words We Love

 Words We Love To Use On Our Resume

We love ten resume words the most.  I write a few resumes plus read and edit many more.

Do I use these words? Yes, Guilty. Why use them? Employers know and use them, they are “buzz words”, and we use them because they convey meaning out there in the world of  job search speak.

Are they now so overused they’re ineffective and not working for us?  Have a look and see what you think.



How about you? Did you use these words on your resume?

Responsible – Strategic – Creative – Effective – Driven – Organizational – Time management

 Prioritize – Entrepreneurial – Innovative 

And I can add one of my own – “thinks outside of the box”. No, two – “Objective” as a title subject has become “Profile”. I meet few people in our demographics today who still think “in the box”.

 LinkedIn Canada, Forbes Magazine, The Entrepreneur, etc., all agree on this overuse.  Do you care? Maybe I’ve had a long year or just feel like social media is trying to stuff too many details I don’t need to know into my head – but I don’t care. Well…maybe we could get rid of “responsible for” when people use it with “job duties” and repeat responsible for under every job they’ve ever had.

Human Resources and Managers are not sitting around counting how many most common words  in 2017 are on your resume. What they want is the same thing I want – an enthusiastic information packed thumbnail about what you do best and what you’ve accomplished by doing it, and what you want to do now.

Your resume needs to be a word picture of you – what you want to do, what you can do, and what you have done. A crisp, fresh look with lots of white space and a thoughtful summary of your skill base with a little sizzle thrown in counts for more than a page full of alternate Thesaurus word choices.

Thinking of having your resume professionally done? Don’t – just don’t – unless you are after a CEO position out there. Writing your own resume is the best interview preparation I know of.

Don’t know how or the words won’t come out and you are staring at a blank screen? Make skill lists – most important first to least – and do an internet search for great resume structure. Get a friend, a partner or a parent to proof it for you – but write the original copy yourself. It’s yours and it needs to sound like you when you get to the interview level. There is a very obvious disengagement about a professional resume – they look good but it won’t look like you.  Your Recruiter or HR Manager will be wondering – “okay, but who are you really?”

You can do it – just take the first step – just start – and throw in a couple of well used and loved words for comfort! Go ahead and use the 10 resume words we love to use on your resume.  Do what works.

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