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Ten Tips You Will Ignore

Will You Ignore These Ten Tips?




Ten Tips to help your Recruiter help you with your Job Search. Are Recruiters being “straight” with you? Finding out Google calls Recruiters “Scum” got me thinking. So what exactly is our value? The Job Seeker can hit the job boards to send resume after resume on any job posted. Is that the best path to a new career opportunity? Or is it even a path at all.Read these ten tips to find out more.

What a Job Board won’t tell you is what to do when you get in the door. A good Recruiter has a vested interest in your success. Browsing my favourite blogs this morning took me to an article on the Undercover Recruiter urging Candidates to please listen to good job search tips to get you faster to the job you most want to be in .

You can ignore these Ten Tips but this is some of the best advice I’ve seen…..

Here’s what they have to say – a shameless direct quote....

• 1. Know What You Can Do: Recruiters are NOT mind readers. We have absolutely no idea what you want to do if you don’t have any idea. Simply picking up the phone and calling us to “help find a job” is NOT going to help us. We are happy to strategize with you, talk about your previous employment, what you’re good at and what you’ve accomplished, but we need YOU to tell us these things. A “master resume” that holds all your information and can be edited for different companies and positions is very helpful.

• 2. Be Easy To Find And Contact: It’s not all about applying to jobs, though that’s part of it. Do you know how much time the average recruiter spends on LinkedIn? We don’t either, but we’re willing to bet it’s a LOT. If a recruiter comes across your profile and there is no indication of how to get in touch with you, we’re likely to move on to the next candidate. Active job seekers should seriously consider how VISIBLE they want to be to the recruiters that are looking for them. Create a separate “work” email for your job search.

• 3. Follow The Process: Understand that for compliance reasons, we may ask you to do silly things like “send a resume” or “apply to this job”. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to make the process easy, smooth, and with a definitive result. We, however, can’t just set up an interview without some routine legwork.

• 4. Try To Be Flexible: How bad do you really want the job? We know you are busy and you probably have a very important job. We will try to accommodate as much as we can, but sometimes we can’t meet your schedule. Managers and Recruiters are busy also and if you make yourself totally unavailable at odd times, chances are, we will find another candidate before connecting with you.

• 5. Respect Space & Time Try not to be a stalker. A good recruiter will set expectations with you. We should clearly articulate when you should be hearing back from us. If we set a time to talk in an initial phone screen, be on time. Don’t follow-up with 15 phone calls and e-mails trying to reschedule if you have missed your opportunity. We understand things happen, but if it happens again, we have long forgotten about you.

• 6. Sending Random LinkedIn Invites to Recruiters Does Not Work: We both receive countless LinkedIn invites a week. Yes we are connected. No, it will not help you to randomly connect with us.

If you do send us an invite, GIVE US A REASON. Chances are we are recruiting a totally different skill set than you have so we wouldn’t be able to help you anyway. We might, however, be able to introduce you to other recruiters who are looking for someone just like you. Help us by telling us what and who you’re looking for!

• 7. Research The Company And The Position: So often candidates are completely unprepared. Take some time to ask as many questions as you need to understand the role that you are interviewing for with your recruiter. Understand the organization. Understand the goals. Understand their backgrounds. Understand the direction of the company and how you will fit into the equation. When in doubt – ASK YOUR RECRUITER.

• 8. During The Interview Process, Don’t Apply To Another Role Until Process Is Complete: If you are working with a recruiter and have applied and interviewing for a specific role don’t ask about 4 other different roles. This just shows your lack of interest, or lack of confidence in the role in which you are interviewing. If you are working with multiple recruiters its okay – but just make sure everything is transparent. . It may make sense when 90% of the roles need the same skill-set and experience. Just don’t try to be an Accounting Clerk and a Forklift Driver at the same time. Not exactly the same skill sets, even if you can do both.

• 9. Ask For Feedback, But Accept What We Can (And Can’t) Provide: Sometimes the only thing we can tell you is that someone else was more qualified. Sometimes that’s all WE know… Feedback on things you cannot change are not helpful.

• 10. Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Remember we are often the conduit between you and the real authority, the Hiring Manager. That doesn’t mean we don’t have influence, and can’t persuade the manager to take a chance (or not) on you. The interview and certainly hiring decisions tend to rest solely with the manager or team who will have to work with you. If the answer is “no”, we’re disappointed too.

Use these ten tips to sharpen your job search and the techniques you use to get you in front of the employer who has the job you want. Read more job search tips here


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