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We moved to @GMail

Coastline Moved – Find us @GMAIL

It is time to streamline our services for Employer and Job Candidates. Coastline has gone GSuite Gmail for you to reach us easier and faster.

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We love making changes to keep making Coastline services better. Business moves at a faster pace everyday. We want to stay in front as Insurance Recruiters in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland market place. Using Gmail gives you and me more places to organize our emails and applications plus offers you excellent storage.

Now it’s even faster for Employers to search for the best Insurance Candidates. You can reach us at any or all of the following addresses.


We offer our Employer Clients a full range of Recruitment Services including pre-screening, interview scheduling, follow-ups and a full range of placement guarantees. Using Gmail gives us the advantage to bring those services to you faster and even more completely to keep in touch.

We provide guidance and inspiration to Job Seeker Candidates. To reach us for information, to arrange an interview, or use our coaching services, please get in touch at the following addresses:


We are Coastline Insurance Personnel . Contact us for a better Insurance Candidate and find the best Insurance jobs here.

Lets keep in touch at LinkedIn and on Facebook! We were here yesterday, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow bringing you the best Insurance Recruitment! See you on Gmail!


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