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Why Use a Recruiter?

Why Use a Recruiter?

What’s In It For You?

What Can A Recruiter Do For You – that you can’t do for yourself? Looking for an Insurance job in Metro Vancouver? There is a lot about job search you can and should do yourself…but if you want to fast track your search and end game – use the resources of a professional Recruiter who specializes in your work-niche market.

 One of these works better than the other:

  1.  You apply yourself – you see a job on a site – with a link – and send your resume there. You compare the job description to what you can do – and you think hey – I do that – so you bang up a cover letter and send it off. And you wait…and wait…and get a call. Go for the interview…send along your thank you email – and never hear a word. You don’t know if a hundred people applied for the same job as you or ten, if they hired internally or decided not to hire at all. And you don’t know why you didn’t get the job – you thought you had a great interview.  Sound familiar?
  2. Your recruiter calls or you see a job on their site. You get to ask the questions! – Salary? Job focus and speciality? Actual job description, location, size of department, team, culture in company/manager, future opportunities with this prospective employer, interview style, what your resume needs added or deleted, (no, forget the cover letter – no one reads them)…what chance of an interview, when where who will be there. Your recruiter will be stick handling references, give you immediate interview feedback,  discuss if you should go for it or not – make the job offer to you, handle salary negotiations, walk you through the counter-offer bog, and do problem solving of any issues in the first three months of work..and then it’s -.hey congratulations, good luck and stay in touch, eh?
  3. You see the job on the recruiter site – call in – no, that’s not the job for you because it’s a small office no future advancement, position all focused on blah blah which you don’t want, no, won’t meet your salary  expectations paying blah blah, Upside is nice boss, security, blah blah. Sure, set you up if you want…etc etc. Or the recruiter calls you, describes a position and you think..mmm, not for me. Just say no – but call me next time. We will!

Can you see any difference?

As a Vancouver Insurance Recruiter, my job is to be sure that both you and my client are happy and excited about your new position. If you’re happy in your new job, you stay and thrive. If you stay and thrive, my client is happy and calls me again when they need to hire. You refer your Insurance friends who are looking for a job change. It’s win-win-win for everyone.

Recruiters do know:

1) Where the “hidden” job market is. Many employers don’t have time to advertise on their own, go through resumes, set up interviews, check references and do the chasing around it takes to hire a new person. An employer can call a recruiter, ask for their top four candidates, have references enclosed, interview, offer and hire in a couple of day. Many jobs don’t even hit the recruiters website – if the recruiter already has connections for candidates. Don’t just “register” for a specific job. The right recruiter will keep your interest/search confidential, call you as specific jobs come across their desk and will ask permission before sending your resume out for each job.

2) How to walk you through a pre-interview, tell you what to add or cut from your resume, what to research before you interview, who you’ll be interviewing with and what style of interview they have, answer any questions about salary, benefits, real job description etc before the interview, and give you both positive and negative feedback after your interview. We also know how to handle your salary negotiations – making sure you get the best salary possible.

Recruiters have “clout”

1) It’s our business to know who’s who and who the major players are and who does the hiring for each company in the industry. If you send a resume on your own, you likely won’t make it to the hiring manager’s desk – or you’re just one more resume. Employers know their recruiters have met, interviewed and recommended their candidates. Your chances of being hired for an Insurance job in Vancouver, instead of being just one more resume are huge when you work via a recruiter.

A Recruiter knows “stuff”

1) Think you aren’t being paid well enough? Or paid too well to move? Don’t know what you need to move to a more senior role? Not sure what route to take for your next step? Management, sales? How much technical expertise? Been offered a promotion but not sure it’s the right move for you? Think you’d like to work for a company instead of a broker? Work for a company and can’t understand why a broker won’t hire you? The list of questions go on an on. Recruiters are a great resource – we’re unbiased – opinionated – and happy to share what we know. And it’s free, so why not use it?

We have the same Goals:

Our Work is important to us.  A third of our day is spent at work, five days a week. Work supports us and our families. Work determines our quality of life. It gives us a sense of pride and achievement. Work gives us a sense of community and belonging and in a small way everyday it makes us know we belong and are contributing to the world around us.

Be happy in your work. Feel challenged and positive. Feel like you have opportunities for growth. And if you aren’t feeling that way about your job, let’s find one that will give you that sense of achievement. Big or small jobs – your work matters.

I love what I do – do you? If you don’t love the job you are doing –  find out why you should use a Recruiter.

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