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Was Your Insurance Career Serendipity?



Did you actually choose Insurance as your Career?


The first question I ask new Candidates about their Insurance Career is “How did you get into Insurance?” No one told me they wanted to be an Insurance Agent when they were growing up. No one said they chose their college or university courses to earn a degree suited to an Insurance Career.

It was Serendipity.  Did it happen like this? When you finished your education it was hard to decide what to choose. Or you were between jobs and didn’t know what to do. You had an uncle, a cousin or a friend in Insurance and they were doing great. So you got your Level I and got an Insurance job. And here you are. Sound familiar? Serendipity had a lot to do with many Insurance careers.

You have a lot of options when you work in the Insurance Industry. You’ve worked hard to get your insurance education, and you work to maintain your license. You’ve got a wide selection of jobs to choose from – you are always in demand. In demand because there are never enough people to fill the Broker and Company positions in your field.

The big question is – do you manage your career?  Do you have a plan for where you’re going and when you’ll reach your plateau? Or are you leaving it up to Serendipity again.. Some people are aggressive about moving ahead and getting into a leadership role at a high level. Some people are content to have “just a good job” that works for them because their lives with family or sports or community involvement and volunteering are just as important. Lots of people are in between don’t know, can’t decide, are confused or  too busy with work and their lives to make a decision. Career planning is put aside for “another day”.

Where and how do you start a career plan? Start with the basics.

Step 1:

  • List the personality characteristics  you use at work
  • Review your life responsibilities and outside interests. Do you have family, children, play sports or have hobbies? How much after work time does this take? Are there timelines you need to meet?
  • Decide how willing you are to continually upgrade your education to reach specific goals.

Step 2:

  • Consider Insurance Broker or Insurance Company. Both come as local, national and international companies.
  • The big picture is primarily Insurance Brokers are pro-active and Insurance Companies are reactive.
  • Insurance Brokers reach out to customers and Insurance Companies respond to Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers are entrepreneurial and sales driven.
  • Insurance Companies are data driven decision makers with boundaries.

Step 3:

  • Your career success is based on how well you work. Compare your work characteristics and skills to both Company and Broker
  • Know we thrive when we like what we do. We like what we do when it suits our personality traits.

Your career is already in the Insurance Industry. This is a very simplistic outline of how to plan your career.  Under the umbrella of either an Insurance Broker or Insurance Company is a huge variety of positions. Your decision has to start with you and who you are. It also includes how much you are prepared to do to reach your goal.

Meet with an Insurance Recruiter to discuss your career. Recruiters offer objectivity, the big picture, a sounding board plus a wealth of hands on experience working in the Insurance job market.  Recruiters can suggest alternate routes to get you where you want to be or if it is time for a detour to get your career back on track. An experienced Recruiter is a Personnel Consultant you can trust to guide your career. Call Coastline – our services are free. We can help you plan your Insurance career.