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“At Coastline we take the human approach to your Insurance Career Placement”

As an Insurance Professional working in the BC Insurance Industry, you have a lot of options. You’ve worked hard to get your insurance education, and you work to maintain your license. You’ve got a wide selection of jobs to choose from – you are always in demand. In demand because there never seems to be enough people to fill the Broker and Company positions that are in your field.This is your Career.

The big question is – how do you manage your career? Or do you? Do you have a plan for where you’re going and where you’ll reach your plateau? Where you end up is for you to decide – there are no right answers because it’s such an individual choice. Some people are aggressive about moving ahead and getting into a leadership role at a high level. Some people are content to have “just a good job” that works for them because their lives with family or sports or community involvement and volunteering are just as important. And there are lots of people in between who don’t know, can’t decide or are confused or don’t want to make a wrong decision. So career planning gets set aside for “another day”.

What about using a Recruiter as part of your career planning? Wow when I ask that question I get an earful about “those Recruiters”! We’re pushy, we stick people in any job just to make a placement and get paid, we don’t listen, and we only care about our clients. We can’t be trusted – the list goes on and on.

I can’t speak for all Recruiters, only for Coastline. To me as a Recruiter, you’re the most valuable asset I have.  Your Career is important to you. If I do a great job placing you in a position you love – three things will happen. You’ll stay in that position for a long time, you’ll refer new candidates  who want a great job like you and your employer will use my services again. A win for everyone! If I just pushed you into a position that I wasn’t sure would be great, you’d leave that job and the reverse would happen. Our name is dirt with both you and the employer. Your career is Insurance. My career is Recruiting. I’m not a” used to be” anything else. And my job is to do the best job at representing you  that I can. And I am very good at it!

My best wish is that I meet and talk to candidates such a you before you actually want to make a move. If I know your best next move and that best move hits my desk, you’ll get my first call. Anything less and you won’t hear about it. That’s my job. If and when you are ready for your next move, it’s my job to get you hired therewith the best negotiated salary  and make the transition from one employer to another as easy as possible. How? Let’s talk about it.

I’m looking forward to successfully working with you to bring your Career up to a new level of growth and success!

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